Dear Friends,

The world is facing an unprecedented challenge. In this time of uncertainty and doubt, it’s important to remember to be compassionate to ourselves and to others.

Our minds are trying to process an overload of information. It’s coming at us from every direction. Television, radio, social media, the line at the grocery store. The word “Coronavirus” is on everyone’s lips and in everyone’s minds.

With so much being thrown at us, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and anxious. Emotions are flying high. Tempers are flaring. 

That’s why it is vitally important that we be vigilant of the information we put out into the Universe, and that we act with grace and compassion when dealing with others.

It is up to each one of us to lead by example. 

So, as we settle into isolation, we have choices to make. The Universe is asking us to step up. It asks how you will pass this time? What will you put forth into the world? How will you react to any challenges that may arise?

As we ponder those questions, we can also bring into consciousness that for which we are grateful. We have roofs over our heads, clothes on our backs, shoes on our feet. We have clean drinking water, access to healthcare, food in our pantries. We have friends and family who love us. We have the internet. We have cars or public transportation that take us where we need to go. 

We have so much to be thankful for.

Focus on those aspects of life and it will be easier to handle any obstacles you may face in the coming weeks.

Over the last several days, I have been asking myself how I can be of service to you. As always, I will hold space for you and do my best to provide useful information via email and on The Write Mind Coach website. New on the blog is a simple affirmation to promote calm during this time. You can read it by clicking here.

The 5 Day Mindful Writing Challenge will begin on March 23 as planned. I believe this is an excellent opportunity for nurturing our minds, body, and spirit. The mini-course is free and open to anyone. It includes basic mindful meditation techniques, a breathing exercise, affirmation, and journal prompts. Be sure to share with friends so you can support each other as you move through each day of the challenge. 

Anyone who takes part is invited to join a private pop-up Facebook group. It will be a safe place to discuss any difficulties you may be experiencing and to share your successes. I hope you will take advantage of the tools and resources provided. Join the challenge by clicking here. 

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy, stay present.

With Love and Light,
Joy Schoeph 
The Write Mind Coach